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         Jiangyin Nonboshi Agriculture Machinery Co.,Ltd. Is the one has 20 year historical of production sprayer ,It's total
area are 18000 square meters, building area 17000 square meters, Have excellent product development personnel and
advanced production equipment, To ensure product quality, we have established a perfect quality, Currently we have the
Production capacity of 300,000 sets of electric sprayer and 1.8 million units manual sprayer in an annual.

        The brand of MInbao sprayer has passed the 3C certification, It Has a simple structure, saving and efficient, reliable,
safe, anti-leakage and wide application characteristics, by pro-consumer gaze, the products sell all over the country and
Vietnam, North Korea, Russia, South Africa and other countries and regions, had obtianed the majority customer trust
and praise.

        Now, we already have three product lines,The brand of MInbao sprayer ,the brand of Nonboshi sprayer and the
brand of Workers and Peasants sprayer, at the time, Also we produce the accessories for sprayer.

        With the years technology of manufacturing Sprayer, Now we supply "shuantai" Vehicle cleanner.accroding to the
website of, you can find out what ifs the most appropriate for cleanning your car.

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